Billed as the world’s largest independent gemological laboratory, the International Gemological Institute was established in 1975 in Antwerp, Belgium, and today also operates grading facilities and offices in New York, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Toronto and Los Angeles, as well as in nine cities across India. It is one the world’s largest providers of gemological education, managing schools and courses in 14 centers worldwide, and is respected developer of technology for the diamond industry.

IGI Diamond Reports, are available in a number different formats, customized to serve a consumer demand in the different markets. Issued by the organization for loose diamonds of any size, including fancy colored diamonds, most include a plotted diagram of the characteristics visible in the stone and a graphic representation of its proportions.

IGI only issues standard grading reports for diamonds of natural origin. Diamonds with permanent treatments are certified, with the treatments noted prominently in the comment section of the report, and the reports for diamonds with non-permanent treatments are not issued. A different IGI Laboratory Grown Report is issued for synthetic diamonds, with the color of the report being yellow, as opposed to the regular blue, and the synthetic stone’s girdle laser-inscribed with the report number as well as the words “lab grown.”

IGI was the first gemological laboratory to issue jewelry identification reports, developing techniques for analyzing gemstones while still set in an item of jewelry, and reporting on total carat weight, color, clarity, natural or synthetic origin, and providing details of the mountings.

The company has been a pioneer in the micro-inscription of diamonds for identification purposes, using laser beams to permanently mark the girdle of polished gem, and later developing a system that uses ion beam technology to permanently inscribe an inscription on the table of the stone, which only can be seen under high magnification.

IGI was also the first lab to seal diamonds for protection purposes, creating a service that since has become standard in the industry.

More facts…

IGI diamonds, the International Gemological Institution provides reports from laboratory testing of diamonds.  Each one of the IGI diamond that passes through their laboratories is assessed for cut, color, clarity and carat.  The international Gemological Institution is one of the largest organisations providing diamond certification and their laboratories and offices stretch across the globe from Asia, to Europe to America.

Established in 1975 it is the oldest gemstone testing laboratory in the diamond heartland of Antwerp.  As a world leader, IGI is a pioneer and the first to provide many gemstone technologies and insightful information such as: Jewelry Identification Reports, diamond repair and re-cut services, a comprehensive diamond cut grading chart, and a laboratory capable of identifying any synthetic diamond.

IGI grades white diamonds, colored diamonds and even provides reports on jewelry pieces providing information not only on the stone, but details such as the origin and mounting.  IGI also specializes in analyzing the highly prized Hearts and Arrows diamonds.  With their specific Hearts and Arrows optical tools IGI can identify a diamond with a true Hearts and Arrows precision cut.

With IGI certification you know the exact details of the diamond, its rarity and quality.  Details that the naked eye cannot see such as treatments and enhancements can also be identified by the IGI.

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With IGI diamonds grading you can be confident in the grade of diamonds you are buying.