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The 2017 edition of the JCK Show kicked off at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas today, with some 30,000 professional buyers, representing 23,000 mainly American retailers, poised to visit more 2,300 exhibitors over the coming four days. For those with diamonds on their shopping lists, the most valuable assortment of loose diamonds at the show, some 8,000 in number.

MID’s exhibition booth, which will be greeting buyers from all over the world, is located in the Diamond Plaza, at Bayside, Level 1, stand B52017. The JCK booth’s mega-sized display case is a one-time experience, even for experienced trade show attendees. Its massive collection of white and fancy-colored loose diamonds, includes all shapes and sizes from 0.30 carats to plus-10.00 carats. Also featured is a collection of unique, high-end diamond jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, featuring white and fancy-colored diamonds.

The show opens following an official report by De Beers, showing that total diamond jewelry demand from U.S. consumers passed the $40 billion mark for the first time in 2016, closing out the year with sales of about $41 billion.

Total U.S. jewelry purchases equaled $61.8 billion, according to Euromonitor, making diamond jewelry the overwhelmingly dominant gemstone category. Globally, demand for diamond jewelry stood at $80 billion, with growth in the United States. offsetting a contraction in demand in India

Bridal diamond jewelry remains the largest market segment in the United States, the De Beers report showed, with online retailers taking a growing share of sales, while brick and mortar stores are consolidating, largely as a result of their lower market share. The demands of a growing community of online retailers, which require large amounts of varied stock on immediate demand, play into the hands of a supplier like MID House of Diamonds.

The De Beers report had some other good news about the American market. Self-purchase trends increased among both single and married women, with 57 percent of self-purchased jewelry being married women, while a third is from millennials.

De Beers’ data showed that consumers are spending more per piece on diamond jewelry, with retailers reporting an increase in the $1,000 to $4,999 category.

For visitors to the 2017 JCK Show in Las Vegas, stop by the MID House of Diamonds booth, located in the Diamond Plaza on the Bayside Level, at the intersection of aisle B52 and B53. MID’s JCK team will be pleased to make your acquaintance.

mid diamonds display

MID’s massive display case at the 2017 JCK Show, showingthe 8,000 diamonds the company has brought to Las Vegas.

diamond ring

A fancy color blue and pink diamond earring set by MID House of Diamonds, part of its exclusive jewelry collection on display at the 2017 JCK Show.