mid Diamond trade shows

 The diamond trade shows is the traditional town market for the international gem and jewelry trade, gathering together in one place and at the same time hundreds and sometimes even tens of thousands of vendors, who together offer a full selection of products, services, technology and accessories to those looking to stock up for months ahead. And like the town market, it is not only about buying and selling. It’s a place where the latest trends are on display, where information can be delivered and received, where new contacts are created, and old colleagues are reconnected with.

Diamond trade shows are especially important in the gems and jewelry sector, where the high value of the product means that it is most unlikely that any one company will and a comprehensive selection of stock on hand. 

The diamond trade shows provide buyers with the often-rare opportunity to pick and choose, comparing quality, prices, finance opportunities and after-sales service,

And wherever they go, they are likely to meet up with MID House of Diamonds, which is not only is one of the world’s largest suppliers of polished diamonds, but also one of its most committed trade show attendees, exhibiting every year at 12 shows around the world.

MID House of Diamonds attends all the major diamond trade shows worldwide. During those shows, We will be featuring a large selection of GIAHRDEGLAGS and IGI Certificates at very competitive pricing! MID House of Diamonds Specializes in: All shapes and sizes from 0.30ct to extreme sized diamonds of 10.00+ct; Parcels, single stones, matched pairs, and layouts; Certified stock from GIA, EGL, AGS, HRD, and IGI; Extremely Rare white and Fancy Colored Specialty Stones; Premium cuts to value cuts in all shapes; Fancy colored diamonds available in one-of-a-kind