The AGS Labs provide high quality diamond reports and was born out of a desire to protect the consumer.  As such their diamond reports are trusted not only by consumers but by the diamond industry the world over.  Their highly scientific approach provides detailed information about a diamond’s 4cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat.

AGS diamond reports take into account the overall cut grade and crown angle measurements, so you can be sure of the overall quality of the diamond you purchase from MID House of Diamonds.  Using a numerical system from 0 to 10 the overall cut grade is an overall score comprised of grades for proportions, symmetry, polish, and FLUORESCENCE. Triple Zero is the highest grade an AGS certified diamond can achieve.

If the cut of a diamond is important to you, then look no further than the MID House of Diamonds.  Search for loose diamonds on our online inventory or use one of the may listing services that MID House of Diamonds is on such as RAPNET, IDEX, Polygon, or GemFind.

All diamonds in the MID House of Diamonds inventory are certified so you can be sure of the quality of the diamonds you are buying from the world’s most respected distributor.  The AGS, American Gem Society is just one of the trusted diamond organisations that MID House of Diamonds works with.

MID House of Diamonds stocks many AGS certified brilliant round cut diamonds and many diamonds of other cuts such as princess, oval, Asscher, and more.  MID House of Diamonds’ extensive inventory stocks diamonds covering a wide range in terms of carat size and has desirable fancy colored diamonds.

If you’d like to know more about our AGS certified diamonds and would like to discuss more about the importance of diamond cut quality and FLUORESCENCE contact one of our experts today.