HRD Certified Diamonds - MID House of Diamonds



At MID House Of Diamonds , all our loose diamonds are certified by the HRD laboratory as well as being GIA and EGL laboratories certified. Having a diamond inspected and certified by a highly respected gemological laboratory is of course essential when buying a diamond.  MID House of Diamonds goes further and has all its loose diamonds certified by those three major gemological laboratories.

HRD Antwerp provides authoritative information on the quality of the diamond you purchase, including detailed descriptions of your diamond’s 4Cs and other aspects of diamond quality.

Those familiar with GIA certification will see that HRD grades the colour of diamonds in the same manner as GIA.  When looking at clarity HRD uses LC+ as their top grade for stones with impurities invisible with a 10x loupe (instead of FL as the GIA does).

When considering the grade of a cut, HRD will look at three aspects: proportion, polish, and symmetry.  Taking into account these three aspects, a diamond will be award one of the four grades: excellent, very good, good, and fair.

HRD stands for “Hoge Raad Voor Diamant” in Flemish, meaning the “Diamond High Council”.  Based in Antwerp it is a major gemological laboratory and the leading authority of diamonds in Europe.  HRD offers certification on white diamonds, fancy color diamonds, treated diamonds, and even laboratory grown diamonds.   If you are trading diamonds in Europe it is always wise to have your diamonds certified by the well-respected HRD.

Not only is the HRD certificate a legal document within the European Union, but you can have the utmost trust in the results as the HRD is the only diamond certification authority to have the ISO 9002 accreditation for management and quality systems.