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As one of the world’s largest suppliers of polished diamonds, at any given time MID House of Diamonds is able to provide its clients immediate access to a massive and comprehensive inventory of loose stones, effectively covering all of their essential needs, and their more esoteric ones as well.

With its global structure comprised of eight sales offices in major diamond and jewelry trading centers, which draw their supply from a complex network of company-operated factories around their world, clients are never limited only to the stock on hand at the sales outlet closest to them. Instead can obtain what they require from multiple MID supply points, be it in New York, Los Angeles“>Los Angeles, Ramat Gan, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and London. And they can do so around the clock, seven days a week, online via the MID website or its mobile application, which can be downloaded in IOS or Android formats from the Apple and Google Play stores.

One can sample the power of the MID Online, by simply linking to its SEARCH DIAMONDS function. But to obtain compete access to this remarkable service, and thus experience the full extent of what MID offers, one just has to register, providing basic personal and business information, as well as selecting a username and password.

For registered users, the MID Online service is not simply a search tool, but a comprehensive business application, that not only enables company clients to conduct finely detailed searches for diamonds, but also to review results will full pricing information. These can then be downloaded as Excel files. Users can also view the grading reports of diamonds listed, as well as examine photographs and 3-D images that can be turned and manipulated in the same way one would do if examining the stone physically under a loupe, which are produced by the MID using the Vision 360 system.

While the process of putting together an order using the MID application is similar to that of popular online trading sites like Amazon or Alibaba, the actual financial transaction is conducted offline, through one-on-one communication between the client and his or her personal MID sales officer.

The individual connection remains essential in the diamond trade, MID felt. Registered users can initiate contact with their sales officers at any time using the chat function built into the online sales application.

Deals are closed offline, but users can then track orders using the online application. They can also create wish lists, enabling themselves to be notified every time specific diamonds come on offer.


And that is not all. The MID Online application also enables clients to customize and embed the MID search tool on their own websites, enabling the clients’ customers to scour the MID database, as if it were their own. No sophisticated programming experience is required. The MID application program interface (API) can be simply applied using a step by step approach, clearly explained in an instruction video that is made available. Clients using the embedded search tool can set their own pricing criteria, as well as carefully selecting the range of stock that is listed.