MID House of Diamonds is one of the world’s top diamond exporters with a vast inventory of high quality diamonds of all cuts and sizes. To enable us to supply the best diamonds to our clients around the world we are also one of the top diamond manufacturers in the world. With our worldwide expertise across the diamond industry we provide the pinnacle of service to retailers around the globe.
MID House of Diamonds manufactures its diamonds in state of the art workshops across Israel, Russia and Africa, and has another workshop in Los Angeles that specializes in high jewelry.

View examples of MID House of Diamonds High Jewelry pieces on the Jewelry Catalog. MID House of Diamonds also provide high end jewelry services including special orders, CAD, wax carving, casting, setting, and hand engraving.
MID House of Diamonds offers one of the largest inventories of loose diamonds to suit all manner of needs, with a vast range of all sizes, cuts, and colors.

It is MID House of Diamond’s expert manufacturing process that allows us to supply such a range of loose diamonds of utmost quality.
MID House of Diamonds sources the best rough diamonds via the Kimberly process but it is the manufacturing process that turns a stone of potential into one of real beauty and value. Everyone understands the importance of a diamond’s cut. MID House of Diamonds analyzes each stone to reveal the cut best suited to each stone so that the beauty of the stone can be enhanced and the value be maximized. Our expert diamond planners mark the diamond rough by considering the clarity, size and crystal direction of the stone so that the maximum potential of the stone can be extracted.

All of MID House of Diamond’s loose diamonds are graded by GIA, RGL, HRD, IGI, and AGS. Working with these laboratories alongside our own expertise means we can get the most value, beauty and brilliance out of a diamond. All the way through the manufacturing process from planning to polishing, the level of detail required is unsurpassed meaning the difference between a beautiful and brilliant diamond compared to a lifeless stone. MID House of Diamonds is able to deliver the best diamonds to our clients across the world with the latest technologies, years of diamond expertise, and streamlined processes.

Explore MID House of Diamond’s inventory and get a glimpse into the quality of diamonds that MID House of Diamonds produces.