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A new app for mobile devices that effectively transforms a smart cellular device into a loose polished diamond ordering office, operating 24 hours a day and every day of week, wherever the user is located, is being launched by MID House of Diamonds. 

Designed for smartphones and tablet computers using the Apple IOS and Android operating systems, it has been created especially to meet the needs of the professional diamond trader, tapping into the massive global inventory of merchandise of one of the world’s largest diamond suppliers.

The MID HOUSE OF DIAMONDS app is a fully-functional ordering system, in which users are able to conduct detailed searches for specific loose diamonds, receive real-time responses, visually examine the stones and relevant grading reports, view prices and place orders and requests. For purposes of security, once an order has been placed, the user will be contacted personally by a MID representative in order to complete the transaction.


The MID HOUSE OF DIAMONDS app has been designed specifically to meet the needs of working jewelry manufacturers and designers. Jewelers creating intricate jewelry pieces and collections, requiring multiple diamond that need to be carefully coordinated, be it by color, shape, quality and dimension, can request that only matched stones will be displayed.


 The app enables visual examination of individual stones, and displays copies of their grading reports. Most of the diamonds listed include magnified images, and many include V360 video, which enable the user to view a 3-D image of the stone and rotate it, as one would when physically examining the stone. Grading reports from GIA, HRD, IGI, AGS and EGL relating to the diamond can be viewed and examined as well.

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The new The MID HOUSE OF DIAMONDS app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple and Google Play stores.

The MID HOUSE OF DIAMONDS app allows users to communicate filtered information directly to their own clients. A diamond dealer using the app can send detailed information about stones available to clients via email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Whatsapp. However, while the registered users will be able to see pricing information themselves, including price per carat and the discount on the current Rapaport list price, these will be omitted from the details they communicate to their clients.

The MID HOUSE OF DIAMONDS app provides users with a personal work space, which can be updated and changed on an ongoing basis. Every registered user receives a personal workspace, where search results are saved, and queries later can be updated and changed. Each result provides full information about specific stones, including price, at which MID branch office they are located, photos, 3-D images and grading reports. A simple click on a query result will elicit a call from an MID representative, and the deal can be completed.

The MID HOUSE OF DIAMONDS app includes a new online chat service. At any time during search and sales process, users can make use of a dedicated live online chat service, and communicate with a MID representative in real time. With company offices in eight trading centers and seven time zones across the globe, MID live chats are possible literally around the clock.