There are a number of diamond-listing platforms available worldwide, but DiaSense has its unique features that make buying and selling of diamonds much more efficient and economical. Some of these are:

1) 80% diamonds on DiaSense are directly from manufacturers
2) 100% transparency about diamond price
3) One platform that connects all- anyone can join DiaSense, be it manufacturers, traders or jewelers
4) In-depth Price Analysis & Comparison of stones meeting your selection criteria
5) Multiple stone comparison on single page with HD images
6)Direct connectivity to suppliers’ website for images and video
7) TOP 10 Analysis:
Top 10 companies that have stocks meeting your criteria
Top 10 least priced stones meeting your criteria

8) Find Better Diamond: Lists diamonds of better grades at lesser prices as compared to a selected one
9) Find Similar Diamond: A useful tool when you want to make a Pair

10) Post-Demand tool designed for buyers
11) Manage your Searches and Selections
12) Region Analysis: Get country/region specific list of stones meeting your criteria
13) Member Directory
14) Systematic Inventory Management for Suppliers
15) In-depth Pricing Tool specially designed for Suppliers
16) Live inventory on our e-platform as well as on proprietary mobile apps
17) Web services to two-way auto connectivity between DiaSense and members’ individual software



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