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Virtual Diamond Boutique was designed in order to give independent jewelry retailers a way to compete in the changing marketplace, Customers today are looking for a different shopping experience, they want the advantages of a digital shopping experience, such as broad selection, rich product information, customer reviews and tips.

Together with the advantages of physical stores, such as personal service, the ability to touch products, and shopping as an event and as an experience.

Virtual Diamond Boutique – is the perfect integration of the digital and the physical shopping experience for your customers.

With your VDB APP, you can enjoy many tools, such:
• An extensive virtual inventory with literally hundreds of thousands of diamonds, colored gemstones and after November also Jewelry.
• HD images and 360 degree interactive videos – to show your customer exactly what he will get.
• Three different markup modes for you to choose from, and the ability to set your own tier markup.
• The capability to Customize VDB to fit to your business.
• Filtering by location and favorite supplier
• Live communication with the suppliers that allows for buy, memo, hold through in-app messaging and email.
• 24/7 access across different devices: phone, tablet and desktop – At a restaurant. In the bleachers at the game. At the gym. Everywhere you go, your VDB phone APP goes with you. You can now sell a diamond anywhere!
• And so much more!

Follow these 3 simple steps and you will be on your way to creating your very own interactive customer experience; with over 10,000 of MID House of Diamonds Inventory as your own storefront.
Visually Appealing and User Friendly, VDB engages the user and helps CLOSE THE SALE. Personalize VDB with your company logo and markups so you can present it directly to your customer.
VDB is a valuable education tool for your sales team and customers. Follow these 3 simple steps:

Stage 1 – Click the arrow button.
Stage 2 – Click on the Supplier button
Stage 3 – Type the supplier name and mark it. and then click Done.