You Got It!

Our inventory is being sent  to over 20,000 of our clients worldwide on a weekly basis.

In the E-mail you will recieve youll find 2 links, One is for the ‘White Diamonds inventory” and the second is “Fancy Diamond Inventory”.

Please follow these easy steps once recieveing the ‘Inventory weekly Email’:


  • Click on the ‘Download  White / Fancy inventory Button’ in the weekly Email.


  • An excel file will be downloaded to your Device (pc or Mobile).


  • If you recieve an alert or any security message, Please click Allow or Confirm.


  • Once the download is complete – the files will be placed in your “Downloads” Folder on your PC. (Files name:  ‘mid_white_inv’ or‘mid_fancycolor_inv’)


  • If you are using a mobile device – the inventory will automatucally open in a new screen on your phone’s browser.


  • Once you open the excel file on a PC, Please click the “Enable Editing” button appears on the top of your excel sheet. See image below:
  • In the Inventory Excel file, you have the option to see “Stone Details Link”,   “Cert Link” or “360 Video”:
  • Once you click one of the links above, you might recieve a security message, Please allow it / confirm and youll be transferred to the “Diamond” info page.