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Inspired by a pink oyster mushroom, SWA’s record breaking diamond ring weighs a quarter of pound and is set with 24,679 diamonds.



An Indian jewelry manufacturer, SWA Diamonds, based in city of Malappuram in the state of Kerala, has just claimed a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for a ring with the most set diamonds. Weighing 340 grams, or three quarters of a pound, the piece may not exactly prove comfortable to wear, but it features 24,679 individual stones and is valued at a cool $95,243.

The ring is modeled on the pink oyster mushroom, with 41 petals. According to the Indian media, it was the brainchild of a 27-year old graduate of the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, with the unlikely name of Rijisha TV, who was asked by SWA Diamonds to come up with a novel concept for diamond ring within 15 days.

“After the jeweler approved my design concept, it took 90 grueling days to fix the 24,000 plus diamonds on the ring. But we, a team of five, completed it in record time. The whole project was done in six months,” Rijisha told the New Indian Express.

Using a computer-aided design system, liquid gold was poured into the 3D-printed mold and each of the stones were set by hand onto the base of the ring.

The diamonds were all natural and Kimberly Process Certified. A team of qualified independent diamond and jewelry experts then evaluated them at the International Gemological Institute (IGI) lab.

SWA’s ring almost doubled the number of diamonds used by the previous Guinness record-holder. It involved a ring created in 2020 by Harshit Bansal, whose floral design involved the use of 12,638 diamonds.


The 24,679-stone ring is not the only diamond-related record holder in the celebrated Guinness Book of World Records.

The most famous, and most probably the longest lasting Guinness record, for the largest diamond ever discovered, belongs to the 3,106-carat gem-quality rough diamond recovered on January 26, 1905, at the Premier Diamond Mine, near Pretoria, South Africa, and presented to the reigning British monarch, Edward VII. Named The Cullinan, it was cut into 106 individuals stones, with the largest being the 530-carat Star of Africa that now stands atop the Royal Scepter of the British Crown Jewels, and the 317-carat Cullinan II, which is set in the Imperial State Crown.

The Yubileyny, or Jubilee diamond mine, located in the autonomous region of Yakutia in Russia’s northeast. Containing an estimated 153 million carats, it hold the record the Guinness record for the world’s largest diamond deposit.

The largest diamond mine, according to the Guinness Book of World Records is Orapa in Botswana. Sitting above two kimberlite pipes that converge near the Earth’s surface, it covers an area of 1.18 square kilometers, and is jointly owned by the government of Botswana and De Beers.

The largest diamond deposit, however, says the Guinness Book of World Records, is the Yubileyny diamond mine, which also is known as the Jubilee mine. Located in Yakutia, Russia, it contains an estimated 153 million carats. It has been operated since 1986 by the Aikhal mining and processing division of Russia’s state-owned diamond company Alrosa.

The largest number of facets on a single polished diamond is 265. It was achieved on a 0.58-carat stone by HOI Diamonds B.V. (Netherlands) in Beijing, China, on January 31, 2018.

Coca-Cola-shaped hand bag

The Coca-Cola-shaped hand bag, set with 9,888 diamonds by Aaron Shum Jewelry.


There are also a number of off-beat records listed by Guinness pertaining to diamonds.

These include the most diamonds set in a handbag, which is 9,888, of which 8,543 are black and 1,345 are colorless. The record-breaking woman’s accessory, which is shaped like a bottle of Coca-Cola, was created by Aaron Shum Jewelry in Hong Kong, and verified by Guinness on March 15, 2018.

You may be interested to learn that the same company hold the record for most diamonds set on a toilet seat. It involves a staggering 40,815 stones and was verified in Hong Kong on October 22, 2019. In this venture Aaron Shum collaborated with Coronet, a Swiss brand.

The most diamonds set on a perfume bottle was 3,571. It was designed by Asghar Adam Ali Ibrahim from Yemen, and presented in Dubai on March 12, 2019.

And no book of records would be complete with diamond set in cell phone. Here the number was 6,576, and once again the record holder is Aaron Shum Jewelry. It was verified on September 22, 2018, the very same day that the company also registered the record for the most diamonds set on a lipstick case – which, if you are asking, is 2,216.