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Our Immaculate White Diamonds

Diamond is famously the world’s hardest material, but more than that it is one of the most alluring and desirable stones in the jewellery and gemstone world.  The brilliance and fire so apparent in white diamonds make it the classic gemstone.

Our vast inventory has many beautiful examples of white diamonds whatever your desires and needs are.  Our broad stock encompasses diamonds of premium cuts to value cuts, 0.30 carat stones to extreme sizes of 10 carats.  With over 4,500 white diamonds you are sure to find something suitable from MiD House of Diamonds.

Search MiD’s large inventory for exquisite loose white diamonds of all cuts, sizes, and shapes.  All our diamonds are certified by GIA, HRD and EGL so you can be certain of the quality.

Filter and sort by either shape, weight, the clarity, cut, the polish, symmetry and FLUORESCENCE, and more to narrow down your search and find your perfect white diamond.  You can even view certificates and 360° imagery with our online inventory so you can inspect our diamonds and see the quality of our stock.

All the diamonds we purchase are of course conflict-free as MiD only deals with suppliers of diamonds that comply with the Kimberly Process.

When you find your perfect white diamond, your order can be shipped overnight or shipped using priority service for international orders.

As one of the largest diamond manufacturers and distributors in the world, our vast network of factories and offices coupled with our vast inventory means we are able to provide amazing white diamonds to the largest and most exclusive retailers.

For advice on purchasing your next white diamond contact one our diamond experts.

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