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Top Best Jewelry Moments at the 2024 Oscars: Glitz and Glamour on the Red Carpet
Top Best Jewelry Moments at the 2024 Oscars
Dive right into the heart of red-carpet glamour with our curated glimpse of the best jewelry moments at the 2024 Oscars. Our exclusive rundown covers the crème de la crème of that night’s jewelry, taking you through a journey of opulent designs and iconic appearances that made their mark without spoiling the full treasure trove of details waiting ahead.

Oscar Awards 

The 2024 Oscars showcased a display of exquisite jewelry from celebrity attendees, with Emma Stone dazzling a Louis Vuitton high jewelry collection white gold necklace featuring a 30-carat yellow sapphire and Emily Blunt wearing a Tiffany & Co. diamond ensemble totaling over 60 carats.

Lily Gladstone made a bold statement with Bulgari jewelry featuring diamonds, amethysts, turquoise, sapphires, and a 28-carat tanzanite, while Charlize Theron wore Boucheron to mark the 20th anniversary of the collection, mixed with pieces from other high-end brands.

Colman Domingo honored civil rights leader Bayard Rustin with his agate pinky ring possession, and Ariana Grande matched her Giambattista Valli gown with pink morganite jewelry from Tiffany & Co. to reflect her ‘Wicked’ character, among other vintage and elegant jewelry selections from the stars.

Emily Blunt’s Dazzling Diamonds

Emily Blunt was the epitome of elegance at the 2024 Oscars. She was adorned with an opulent Tiffany & Co. jewelry ensemble, consisting of:

  • a 60-carat diamond necklace

  • a complementary choker

  • studs

  • a 10-carat pear-cut diamond ring.

Her stunning three-layer diamond necklace, tipping the scales at over 60 carats, was a bold statement that beautifully accentuated her shimmering Schiaparelli Haute Couture gown. The intricate craftsmanship of Blunt’s neckpiece is highlighted by the approximately 700 diamonds set within it, showcasing an exceptional blend of brilliance and design.

In addition to the necklace and diamond bracelet, her overall look was elevated by the sparkling choker and the classic diamond studs that exuded timelessness and sophistication, creating one of those unforgettable jewelry moments.

Emily Blunt's Dazzling Diamonds

Colman Domingo’s Timeless Tribute

Colman Domingo paid a heartfelt tribute to civil rights leader Bayard Rustin with a meaningful pinky ring. He adorned himself with David Yurman jewelry, including an agate pinky ring once owned by Rustin.

The historical ring was gifted to Domingo by Rustin’s partner, Walter Naegle, and carried personal significance, as Domingo portrayed Rustin in the film ‘Rustin’. Domingo has been wearing the pinky ring throughout the award season, using it as a meaningful tribute to honor Rustin’s legacy.

Rounding off the tribute, Domingo’s Louis Vuitton custom tuxedo displayed a Nehru collar, a symbolic nod to Jawaharlal Nehru, a contemporary of Rustin revered for his emphasis on peace and love.

Colman Domingo's Timeless Tribute

Emma Stone’s Stunning Sapphire

Emma Stone's stunning sapphire necklace and diamond studs

Emma Stone, known for her impeccable style, graced the Oscars red carpet in a mint green custom Louis Vuitton gown, featuring a wide peplum skirt that set a whimsical and chic tone for her evening attire. With the help of star stylist Law Roach, while not donning a Louis Vuitton suit, the centerpiece of her exquisite jewelry choice was a white gold necklace from Louis Vuitton’s high jewelry collection, showcasing a remarkable 30-carat yellow sapphire.

She amplified the allure of her exceptional necklace with a set of elegant diamond studs, enhancing the overall classic glamour. Her pastel gown paired with the stunning sapphire necklace and diamond accessories made her one of the most discussed celebrities at the Oscars for her impeccable style.

Charlize Theron’s Boucheron Brilliance

Charlize Theron in Boucheron
Charlize Theron's Boucheron Brilliance

Charlize Theron added a touch of brilliance to the red carpet with her selection of Boucheron jewelry. She debuted the Boucheron Quatre Radiant Edition jewelry, an elegant nod to the 20th anniversary of the collection.

The Boucheron choker and necklace, both exquisitely crafted in 18-karat white gold and studded with sparkling diamonds, caught the spotlight, shining brightly amidst her ensemble. Alongside these stunning pieces, she also wore Louis Vuitton high jewelry and a reflection de Cartier necklace, which added a touch of glamour to her overall appearance. Completing her look were a selection of Boucheron rings and dramatic drop earrings.


Lily Gladstone’s Bold Bulgari Statement

Lily Gladstone

Lily Gladstone, known for her unique style, made a bold statement at the Oscars with her Bulgari jewelry. Her Bulgari necklace featured:

  • Diamonds

  • Amethysts

  • Turquoise

  • Sapphires

  • A 28-carat tanzanite at the center.

She further enhanced her ensemble with a high-jewelry Bulgari ring encrusted with diamonds, sapphires, and a nine-carat sapphire, which perfectly mirrored her statement necklace. Adding to her ensemble was a Bulgari bracelet set with more than 45 carats of diamonds, making her one of the most memorable figures on the red carpet.

Ariana Grande’s Pretty-in-Pink Ensemble

Ariana Grande Channels Her Wicked Character in Dramatic Pink Gown at Oscars 2024

Ariana Grande looked enchanting at the Annual Academy Awards in 2024, sharing the red carpet spotlight with the likes of Anya Taylor Joy. She graced the event in a custom Giambattista Valli gown, charmed with soft pink hues, dramatic puff sleeves, and a sweeping train.

The inspiration for Grande’s ensemble came from her character Glinda in the anticipated film ‘Wicked,’ reflecting the character’s femininity and charm. Her outfit was beautifully accentuated by a meticulously curated set of pink morganite jewelry from Tiffany & Co., which included drop earrings, a statement ring, and a delicate necklace.

The morganite stones’ soft pink shade harmonized beautifully with the pastel tone of her gown, culminating in a cohesive and elegant red-carpet appearance.

Vintage Vibes: Margot Robbie and Fred Leighton

Margot Robbie exuded vintage vibes at the Oscars with her selection of Fred Leighton jewelry. She adorned a diamond and gold twist cuff by Boivin from the 1980’s and a gold and diamond bombe ring by Suzanne Belperron from the 1940’s.

These vintage pieces stirred feelings of female empowerment and creative achievement. Robbie’s Boivin cuff harmonized elegantly with the formidable aesthetics of her cascading chainmail black Versace gown, making her a standout figure on the red carpet

Sandra Hüller’s Cartier Elegance

Sandra Hüller exuded elegance at the 2024 Oscars. She wore a custom black velvet Schiaparelli hourglass gown, designed with a surrealist winged, off-the-shoulder structure that incorporated a central padlock detail and glistening silver silk accents.

The gown was styled by Jordan Johnson Chung, who was credited for creating a fresh and exciting look that captured Sandra Hüller’s elegance. Adding to the elegance of her gown, Sandra Hüller donned a Cartier Reflection necklace, intricately set with 392 diamonds, and a matching silver keyhole brooch, highlighting her sophisticated style.

Sandra Hüller's Cartier Elegance

Vanessa Hudgens charmed the red carpet in:

  • A black Vera Wang gown, accessorized with luxurious Chopard jewelry, featuring a 30-carat diamond necklace and a 10-carat yellow diamond.

  • Her mesmerizing Chopard necklace, spotlighting 30 carats of diamonds and a standout 10.06 carat pear-shaped yellow diamond, was perfectly paired with Fairmined-certified diamond earrings.

  • The attire was completed with a Vera Wang long sleeve turtleneck evening gown that flaunted a hand-draped sash accent and a flowing train.

Adding a personal and significant touch, Vanessa Hudgens’ outfit also marked the debut of her baby bump on the red carpet, giving her look a unique twist.

Vanessa Hudgens' Chopard Charm

Vanessa Hudgens’ Chopard Charm


From Emma Stone’s stunning sapphire to Vanessa Hudgens’ Chopard charm, the 2024 Oscars saw a dazzling array of jewelry moments that will be remembered for years to come. Each star brought their own unique style to the red carpet, from vintage vibes to bold statements, showcasing the versatility and beauty of jewelry.

As these stars show, jewelry is more than just an accessory, it’s a form of self-expression and an integral part of any outfit. Whether it’s a bold statement necklace or a simple pair of diamond studs, the right piece of jewelry can add that final touch of glamour and elegance to any look.

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